Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Up All Night

Weekend I had a little photoshoot with Anetta. It didn't turn out too great, because we couldn't find a good place to take photos. Today I was having a worst day ever (overslept, late from school etc) but then I met Nette and bought CD (We are scientists - Barbara) and three different chocolates. I feel like I have so many great plans right now, next months are going to be so awesome.


  1. mistä toi söpö vihreä college on!

  2. Anonyymi: Ihan Gina Tricotista. : D Muuten ihan normi, mut se on noin iso siks ku ostin L koossa. >D

  3. voi ku näytät ihan minikokoselta tos paidassa :-D


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