Thursday, 31 October 2013

I'll be changing my blog's name, address and layout soon!

As you just read, I'm going to do some major changes here in my blog. My style has been changing dramatically over this Summer, and I feel like my blog should be up-to-date with that. I'll be writing in English this time, because I have noticed that lot of foreign people are reading my blog nowadays too!

Another thing that's going to change is the name. New name will be

Parisian Tiara Party

I think it will be much more fitting in my cutesy style, than Silent Beatbox, which was more fitting when my style was kinda hipster-ish. Also the address will be

I'm also going to make a WHOLE NEW LAYOUT! I haven't worked with html and css for years, but I think I can create something better than this what I have right now.

So, say tuned! I'm trying to make these changes this week.

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