Friday, 16 January 2015

Birthday Princess ★

Hi everyone! (⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ” Guess whose birthday was yesterday? M-I-N-E! ★ I didn't do too much, but luckily I'm going to have a big party next week! But I met with some of my friends, participated in a quiz and ate some yummy finger food with champagne. (´ω`★) 

Dress ★ Liz Lisa
Cardigan ★ Liz Lisa
Shoes ★ YesStyle
Bag ★ Yumetenbo
Necklace ★ Kalevala Koru
Hair accessories ★ H&M

I felt like dressing up in my new Liz Lisa dress! It is pretty but the choice of fabrics makes it look a bit more casual than most of my Liz Lisa clothes. So it was great for hanging out in pub. 

Lol my winter coat isn't himekaji or my style at all. (; ̄д ̄) I wish I could find one that was white or pink. But Finland is so damn cold in winter that most of Yumetenbo's and Liz Lisa's coats are way too cold for this weather. But at least I can feel like a princess with clothes underneath the coat! (◡‿◡✿)

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